About us

We are convinced that only those who understand whole products and systems and do not think only about sub-steps and individual components can be successful.

Get to know a purely Czech company that has kept its face despite all the social changes and can offer you quality, flexibility and experience. Today, our company is characterized by qualities of which each of our employees is proud.

  • A medium-sized enterprise with an efficient management structure
  • Experience since 1958
  • Production of small, medium and large batches
  • Wide standard assortment as well as customer solutions
  • Own development

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Tesla is about people...

We are a medium-sized company with 250 employees and 60 years of experience in the automotive and electronics industries. Every year we sell our products to millions of end customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • We cooperate with universities and scientific workplaces
  • Active involvement of all employees
  • An open company culture based on mutual respect

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What do we believe in?

Innovations and development. We believe in innovation as the only tool for company development and look to the future. Innovation is the credit of the people who work for TESLA: they are the real engine of our growth.

Production. The basic goal of our company is the timely delivery of the product to the full satisfaction of the customer. Only a satisfied employee working in a pleasant working environment is a guarantee of the production of parts of the highest possible quality.

The strength of every customer-oriented company is in cooperation, communication and partnership. We respect each other and place great emphasis on a positive team spirit and compliance with agreements with our business partners.

Let's look for common solutions.

TESLA offers all the advantages of a preferred supplier in one place – from basic development, product design to successful introduction into series production.


Our company has a team of developers who will analyze your request and prepare an optimal solution for you.


The results of the development are widely used by our staff in production. It sounds simple, but there are many steps involved from development to production.

Quality control

The quality control department is an important element of the whole chain. Employees of the department ensure a rigorous final inspection of each product.

Purchase & Sale

The concern of the sales department is not only the sale of manufactured products, but also the purchase of components needed for production.

Social responsibility

We respect and value everyone who come into contact with. They can be company employees, business partners, state administration bodies or people living in Blatensko. TESLA wants to be seen as a reliable and stable employer and as a fair and responsible player in its environment.

We are aware that our success depends on the active development of the abilities and support of our employees, on ethical behavior in its activities and, last but not least, on a close relationship with the region in which the company is located. We are proud to having opportunity to support a wide range of social, cultural and sports activities in the region. We will not save the world, but we will always try to support a healthy and confident society.