Everyone is a personality, everyone is important.

We are a medium-sized company with 250 employees and 60 years of experience in the automotive and electronics industries. Every year we sell our products to millions of end customers in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • Nice working environment
  • The possibility of further education and development
  • Attractive employee benefits
  • High level of personal responsibility
  • Interesting tasks and projects
  • Flat management hierarchy

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We care about people...

With 250 employees, a clearly structured organizational structure and speed of decision-making are important for daily work. The basis of the company is each individual employee. In order for the company to function flawlessly, everyone must fulfill their role correctly.

We strive to take proper care of our employees. Our wish is that none of us feel alone at work and know that there are many around him who are happy to help him. So that even the new employee gets the impression as quickly as possible that he too is the one who contributed to good relations between people and to the good economic result of the company.

In addition to opportunities for career growth, we provide a broad program that supports employees and helps them develop their skills.

We have ambitious plans for the future and are constantly looking for motivated colleagues.

The world is changing and we are changing with it.

Aren't we looking for you?

For experts

The success of our company is the result of the efforts of all our employees. In order to further strengthen our position on the market, we continue to need motivated and qualified employees with potential. Our international activities offer everyone a range of interesting business and technical tasks. The basis is the ability to cooperate in a team, independent systematic work and mutual respect.


For students

We are aware of the importance of quality education. At TESLA, students have the opportunity to delve into technical, production or business issues in a number of areas already during their studies. It can be high school students, as well as technical and business university students. We work with students on their diploma or dissertation theses and offer them appropriate employment at any stage of their education.


Flexible working hours

We offer a wide range of work organization options so that everyone can find the balance they are looking for. We have many employees who have requested various contractual flexible working hours, and even more who need to adapt their working day to their needs for various reasons. We strive to dialogue with our employees and find solutions. This is the only way we can improve together.



# Work position Added Possible start Detail
1 Electrical engineer 12.1.2023 1.3.2023
2 Automotive sales representative 24.1.2023 1.4.2023
3 Electrical sales representative 24.1.2023 1.4.2023

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