Ignition coil terminals

TESLA Blatná was the first company in Europe to introduce a comprehensive range of terminals for ignition coils.

Direct ignition systems are designed to more efficiently distribute the ignition spark to the fuel in the combustion chamber. The ignition system delivers 30,000 to 60,000 volts directly to the spark plug several thousand times per minute. The connection between the coil and the spark plug is made via the termination of the ignition coil.

For our customers, we have prepared a very economical solution for all ignition coils that have replaceable termination. The quality of ignition coils deteriorates due to heat, pollution or physical damage. Very often, however, it is not necessary to replace the entire ignition coil and it will be sufficient if only the damaged terminal is replaced. The car owner can thus significantly save on costs and at the same time save the environment.

Our company is the largest supplier in Europe in terms of assortment. All the terminations supplied by us are subjected to strict dimensional, functional, thermal and vibration tests.

We currently offer more than 200 different types of termination caps for all European and imported cars.

Ignition coil termination construction

  1. Heat-resistant seal prevents dirt and moisture from entering the engine block.
  2. The flexible silicone body of the tip ensures reliability and mechanical resistance at extreme temperatures in the engine environment.
  3. A conductive spring made of stainless steel transmits the high-voltage spark from the ignition coil to the spark plug.
  4. Suppression resistor of a defined value suppresses high-frequency interference. A high-quality connection between the resistor and the spring is a condition for proper spark transmission.

Engine environment, heat, water contamination, fuel and lubricant contamination, and abrasion damage can significantly shorten the life of ignition coil terminals and may require replacement. Timely replacement prevents costly damage to ignition coils, sensors, control units and catalytic converters. The next time you change your engine's spark plugs, replace the coil terminals as well. It's worth it. The end caps in our company's assortment are made only from the best materials.

Types of ignition coil terminals


CL606 + T623C + CP004


CL561 + CP056


CL213 + 3xCP063