TESLA BLATNÁ, joint venture company, offers you the development and production of electronics, Li-Ion batteries protections, chargers, motor control modules, resistors, sensors and car ignition parts.


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Company pillars

Areál podniku

TESLA BLATNÁ is a medium-sized Czech company producing parts for the automotive and electronic industries. We know what our customers need and we have subordinated the company structure to it. We produce quality products and can effectively manage our processes. We perceive changes around us and react to them. We are an award-winning partner in the development and construction of new products.

The main pillars of our production program are the production and supply of electronic components for the automotive industry, the production of sensors, electronic modules and the production of resistors. The company is equipped with a special laboratory, so-called clean laboratories, in which modern sensor platforms are developed using the latest methods of applied research.

TESLA offers all the advantages of preferred supplier in one place – from basic development, product design to successful introduction into series production.

We offer you comprehensive services both in the development of customer electronics and sensors, and in the area of sales of parts for the automotive industry and resistors. Our development team is ready to work with you to analyze the problem and propose the best possible solution for your purpose.

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Overview of product groups



Production and supply of ignition cables, ignition coils, coil ends, car fuses and car bulbs. You can make the purchase through the e-shop or use the sales network of our customers.



We manufacture power and high-ohm resistors for a wide range of applications. TESLA power wire resistors in an aluminum case are constructed as ceramic tubes with wound resistance windings.


Sensors and sensor platforms - development in "clean laboratories". The use of the most modern laser technologies in line with the current trends of research carried out at universities.

Customer electronics

Motor control modules, chargers for portable tools and protection for Li-Ion batteries. Production according to customer requirements in the steps : design - prototype - testing - series production.





We are focused on small-volume production in a wide product spectrum.

The main credo of our company is to satisfy our customers in terms of timely deliveries.

Our clean laboratory has advanced production technologies.

Our developers will adapt to your requirements and consult with you further possible improvements to your assignment.

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production on demand

Do you need to ensure the small series production of chargers, battery protections, or do you need control unit for a motor? Can't find the ignition cable because it's not in the market? Or are you looking for a manufacturer of sensors?

Contact us and we prepare solution for you.

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