Ignition coils

TESLA, as the market leader for spare parts in the field of ignition systems, offers a complete range of coils.

Ignition coils are a key part of the ignition system of gasoline engines. Their task is to convert the low voltage of the battery (12 V) into the thousands of volts (up to 40 kV) needed to create a spark in the spark plug. This spark is used to ignite the mixture of air and fuel in the combustion chamber of the engine.

Without a sufficient amount of energy supplied by the ignition coil, the spark plug would not be able to create the spark needed for optimal combustion. A malfunctioning ignition coil can cause engine misfires, erratic running, loss of power, high fuel consumption, or can lead to the vehicle not starting.

Quality ignition coils provide more accurate ignition timing, reduce emissions and guarantee better fuel consumption. TESLA's wide range of coils provide OE quality, long life and maximum operating performance. Thanks to their construction and the materials used, TESLA ignition coils fulfill all that is necessary for the trouble-free operation of any vehicle.

TESLA ignition coils are designed and engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications to provide high durability and maximum life. Each ignition coil is subjected to rigorous product testing and validation.

The range of TESLA ignition coils includes more than 400 different items for 95% of vehicles on the world market.

Ignition Coil Design

  1. Silicone tip with high heat resistance
  2. Metal core generates a variable magnetic field and allows high voltage to be created
  3. A strong copper wire of the primary winding between the core and the secondary coil ensures the creation of an impulse for the formation of a high-voltage spark on the spark plug
  4. Hundreds of turns of coiled copper wire are involved in increasing the voltage from the original 12 V
  5. Tin-plated brass contacts ensure low voltage connection
  6. Epoxy resin is used to protect electronic circuits

Historical development of coils

Although all ignition coils have the same principle of operation, different types have been developed over the past few decades. This means that the type of ignition coils a vehicle uses also depends on when it was manufactured. Currently, many different types of ignition coils are produced, differing in construction and the amount of built-in electronics.